The good news first. Everyone already has a personal brand.

The key is understanding what that brand is and what are the best ways to communicate that brand to the people that matter  – the people that are going to make you more successful.

We are all at different stages with regards to the development of our personal brands. That is why offering you a cookie cutter solution is not going to work.

We work with a variety of clients in both professional, executive and self-employed areas. All our clients know that proactively managing their personal brands is important. They want to know more and ensure that they are standing out from the many others who do the same or similar work to them.

All our brand packages give you the opportunity to work one on one with Paul Copcutt, one of the most experienced personal brand experts in North America.  The packages also have some specific deliverables in an a la carte style option. All of the packages can address your specific and immediate personal brand needs as well as ensure you have an overall understanding of your brand.


Alternatively you may want specific help with branding your LinkedIn profile – see our LinkedIn packages here

Download an easy to view comparison chart of our Personal BrandPackages by clicking here.

Inukshuk – Insight & Implement  

2014-08-07 07.46.41The Inukshuk is a guide for the right direction. We pull back the curtain. Paul will utilize the worlds’ two leading personal brand assessments and produce over 50 pages of reports in order to understand how you and others perceive your personal brand. He will review your current personal brand on and off line and conduct a comprehensive interview session to understand where you are and where you want to get to. This is followed by a session to review the results of the two assessments and a final session to present his recommended next actions and plan for your personal brand. Includes 30 days post package support.  Click here for full details and pricing.



Catalyst – Brand & Build  

Paul WhiteboardThis is the “Taking It To The Next Level” package. You have already been building a solid personal brand. Now you want to ensure you are on brand and then incorporate some of the latest ideas and trends into the next stage of your brand’s development. This includes everything from the Inukshuk package plus more one on one time with Paul and a choice of six deliverables from the a la carte options. Includes 60 days post package support.  Click here for full details and pricing.



Bespoke – Design & Deliver

BlueprintYou know that you want to work on your personal brand development or re-design. Paul will work with you one on one to address the specific areas that need attention. He will support, coach and consult with you as you design your ultimate personal brand blueprint. Through an initial discovery session you and Paul will agree on the specific deliverables for the project, including if desired a ‘Do It All For You’ option and agree on timing and the investment. Includes 90 days post package support.  Click here for full details


Not sure which package is for you or need to get a handle on where you personal brand stands right now? Download our free Personal Brand Snapshot Checklist 

Or we can always set up a complimentary strategy session to discuss your specific situation and talk through the various options available. Please contact us by clicking here.


brand build LI

We offer a number of specific packages in helping you with the branding of your LinkedIn profile and helping you with specific brand actions on the network.  Click here for more details


Click here for details about our Personal Brand Training Products 



Click here details about other personal brand products and complimentary products and services we recommend. 


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