LinkedIn Profile Review – Follow Up



I trust that your recent LinkedIn Profile Review was beneficial in helping you brand your profile?  If you did feel that you got some great value I would appreciate your taking the time to add a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile, please click here or copy and paste this link – please put it under the LinkedIn Personal Branding experience section and skills endorsements on my profile particularly on LinkedIn Branding and LinkedIn Training would also be really appreciated – thank you.

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As promised there were a number of resources mentioned on the call which are listed below and as new developments or changes happen we will try to keep this page updated.

  1. The 5 Personal Brand Actions to Take to Boost Your Profile Report is part of our weekly LinkedIn tips newsletter and a link will be coming out to you to download the report. If there is any issue in accessing that you can get a copy by clicking here.
  2. To add symbols in to your headline use these –
  3. The resource to test your headshot is
  4. The picture editing tool to put the coloured circle around your headshot or to create the personally branded header image is
  5. Darrel Griffin is the Brit who did a LinkedIn post on how to put the circle on the headshot , you can get all the details here
  6. Here is the template for the header image LinkedIn Profile Image Header Template
  7. Turn off the “People Also Viewed” option in your privacy settings, no need to send viewers to your competition.
  8. To get more recommendations and endorsements here are some suggested tips in this previous article – click here. or copy & paste this link
  9. To spot fake profiles and how to ensure you don’t get tricked here is my highly read article – click here or copy & paste this link –
  10. It is still too early to tell the impacts of the Microsoft takeover of LinkedIn but here are a few expert thoughts in a recent Pulse post of mine  – click here or copy & paste this link

Have a brandtastic LinkedIn day!!!