Can You Simplify The Apprentice?

Just finished watching the latest episode of The Apprentice, always good entertainment, especially the consistency of Donald Trumps personal brand - love him or hate him he is consistent! TV can be a terrible time and mind drain and an easy 'habit' to fall in to - nowadays there are probably just 3 or 4 programs a week that I will try to make a point of watching - the rest I can definitely do without.

Sometimes I can wish back to the UK and the original 3 TV channels, that expanded to 4! I think that was one of the reasons that the quality of TV programming from the UK was always so high - whereas now a new series is lucky if it makes it to half way through the season.

Perhaps looking back is not always a bad thing - there are certainly aspects of our lives that we can and would benefit from simplifying - as Jack Welch once said - "Simplicity is an indispensable element of a leader's most important functions"

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