7 Things You Need to Know About Personal Branding

Lessons from 20 years since 'The Brand Called You'

This year is the 20th anniversary of Tom Peter’s article in Fast Company entitled “The Brand Called You.” Most recognize the article as the ‘birth’ of personal branding or at the least the first time that the concept of having a personal brand appeared on the business radar. If you Google “Brand Called You” the […]

Is It Finally Time to Move Your LinkedIn Profile?

A recent workforce survey by the recruiting firm Spherion found that as many as 85% of workers have some sort of side hustle, earning some form of supplementary income. So the timing of a recent LinkedIn profile update (or rather return) could be good news for many of you.  Making others aware either verbally, with a […]

How Do I Turn Off Birthday Notifications on LinkedIn?

Firstly, LinkedIn is a networking platform and people like to network with those they know, like and trust, making an emotional connection so I would encourage you to look for ways to leverage this contact from your network that is congruent with your personal brand. For example: Share with them what you did on your […]

How Do I Connect With a 3rd Degree Connection on LinkedIn?

The new user interface does not allow you to connect with all 3rd-degree connections as simple as clicking the blue ‘Connect’ button. So you might think you have to upgrade to Premium to be able to do that, but even then that may not work. Here are 5 quick workarounds; Join a group they are in and […]