Are These The Top Perks You Are Looking For?

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The recent Mercer 2007 Total Rewards survey has highlighted some interesting trends as to what employers are offering and emphasising in terms of benefits to attract and retain employees.

Their intended investments over the next 12 months are as follows:

  • Retirement – 9%
  • Healthcare – 14%
  • Long term incentives – 20%
  • Base salary increases – 23%
  • Annual cash incentives – 29%
  • Work-life balance – 32%
  • Non-cash recognition – 33%
  • Training – 46%
  • Career development – 51%

This certainly backs up what I am seeing and experiencing with corporate clients, they are now seriously viewing the introduction and use of personal branding for employees to help them develop their careers within the organization. They have realised that although its not necesarily the responsibility of the company to tell someone where their next promotion is coming from, giving them help and guidance is viewed as both positive and helps with employee engagement and retention.

But as a job seeker – is this what your 'shopping list' looks like for a new job?

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