Are you doing any of these with your personal branding?

Last weeks Toonies Worth generated quite a flurry of comments and direct e-mails about video and how you present your personal brand online – especially with video.

Very recently Reach launched Personal Branding.TV where you can see a whole collection of videos on the subject and they will be adding a new video every day.

But video is just one of the avenues for communicating your brand, an effective and growing one , but you also need to be aware of what else could be damaging your personal brand. Here is a video from William Arruda the founder of Reach, with 10 Ways To NOT Be Building Your Personal Brand.

Just my toonies worth.


How NOT to Build Your Personal Brand from William Arruda on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “Are you doing any of these with your personal branding?”

  1. Loved the 10 tips and your video in your last blog.
    “Don’t run out of steam” and “Don’t go it alone” are great reminders especially when the economy isn’t going full force!
    I’m looking forward to future Just My Toonies Worth!

  2. As a newcomer into the personal brand parade, I can certainly see how you can overdue yourself.
    I appreciate specifically your acknowledgement of quality over quantity. I am being encouraged to compose, compose, compose and I’m needing to take a real look into the relevence of that.
    I also appreciate the reminder to measure your success. This skill is often overlooked particularly in my PR industry.
    Great reminders and worthwhile encouragment!

  3. Thanks Katy. Certainly what I am seeing that concerns me immensely is the push by social media experts that advocate that you blog, tweet, poke etc etc – but with no apparent reference to clearly establishing what your brand is first – and are the mediums they are suggesting even relevant to who you are trying to reach. Just my toonies worth.

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