Are you in to group personal branding?

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In the work that I do inside corporations there is an interesting extra that comes with each employee working on their own personal brands.


Actually it's more of a figurative group hug!

Once the message and benefits of personal branding hits home, you often suddenly see a light come on and the person realises that if you can do this as one person………

What are the possibilities of doing this as a group?

Spontaneously the group start to think about what a team brand might look like and how that impacts on the overall corporate brand as well as relate back to their own individual personal brands. Very neat.

It's a natural evolution as personal brand, becomes team brand that supports corporate brand.

How can the impact of your personal brand start to help form a team brand AND have the added effect of supporting the corporate brand?

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Virtual Group Hugs – A special offering

Over the last few months I have experienced an increased demand from those attending my talks and workshops for additional support and direction for their personal brands.

Now I am able to announce a program that helps support that demand. A group personal branding program.

Check out the video explaining why a group program and get more details on the program itself.

Check out the Group Personal Brand Program

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