Back to school for your personal brand

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Today sees the return to school for children here in Canada. There is a mix of excitement, trepidation and relief – and that is just the parents!

It used to be all about learning the 3R's. But with the todays reality children have many more options and challenges as well as probably a lot more to learn than just three! September is also viewed as 'the start to a new year' for adults too and you witness an increase in programs and courses around learning new skills, refining established strengths or revisiting (or dusting off!) the goals you set in January.

As you kick off this 'new year' take a moment to check how your personal brand is answering the 5R's and what you can do about them;

  1. Relevance – is it right for your industry and vocation? Look to satisfy the 'must haves' and develop the differences.
  2. Resonance – does your target audience see why you make sense? Look to become the person they want to have around and be associated with.
  3. Relation – is there a connection for everyone?  Look to help everyone's brand benefit from your interactions.
  4. Remarkability – does it stand out, will it get noticed? Look to be remembered for the right reasons in the right way.
  5. Real – is it a true reflection of who you are? Be sure you feel comfortable, be inspired and have fun.

A little action every day will make a huge difference to the impact of your personal brand, just like learning your multiplication tables!

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