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Initially I was astounded and disappointed to see that Toronto had failed to secure the venue for the 2nd July Live 8 concert – if Canada needed to make a global impression and show we are on board with this initiative surely one the worlds most culturally diverse would have been the perfect backdrop – Barrie was not it.

Then I saw all the complaining, whining, moaning about location, line up etc that came with this announcement and none of the media seemed to focus on the real story – that this is intended to pressure the G8 countries to commit to 0.7% of GDP to help Africa – where more people are dying every month than the whole of the tsunami in south east Asia killed.

Bob Geldoff was quick to challenge Paul Martin not to come to the G8 meeting unless he was prepared to do this (something he was quick to promise to Bono of U2 when the photo and PR opportunity was there about a year ago). Geldof was as passionate the other day as he was about Live aid – a consistent personal brand about a true value and belief.

I remember Live Aid and what that achieved, over 20 years later we are still allowing the same problems to repeat itself again and again – take a moment on July 2nd to listen to a few songs and remember what it is all about – whether its in Toronto or Barrie.

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