Publish and Be Damned

A connection of mine on LinkedIn reached out recently to ask for some advice on getting noticed in the newsfeed.  Although they had thousands of followers and connections the engagement on their posts was low.  Why was that and what could be done?  My advice resulted in this message from my connection a couple of days later;  Wow. You weren’t wrong. 😁  I did one post without a photo that flopped,… Read More »Publish and Be Damned

What’s Important Right Now?

May Marketing, Motivation and Meaning by Paul Copcutt It may already seem like an age, but realistically we are at the beginning of one of the most disruptive events we are likely to experience in our lifetimes.  We have a whole new appreciation for the people we live with, work with, buy from, depend and rely on. Marketing Like me, you have probably been asking yourself similar questions; When can we broach… Read More »What’s Important Right Now?

Is it a Mayday or May Day?

I have been reluctant to send out a newsletter over the last few weeks for a number of reasons, mostly revolving around a lack of confidence.  Mine Yours Business Governments Countries The Human Race Like many of you, I have been looking at and trying to figure out how to adjust to the new landscape, so I certainly understand we are all going to be in very different places right… Read More »Is it a Mayday or May Day?

Are You BENCH-Marking Your Brand?

A belated Happy Valentines Day! Talking of love, what’s not to love about combining a passion for beer AND branding? Short of becoming a brand manager for a craft brewer (but then I am limited to one brewery!) the next best thing is to slowly make our way around the various craft breweries and do the taste test of beer AND branding. Recently we had a great experience at a… Read More »Are You BENCH-Marking Your Brand?

3 Quick LinkedIn Messaging Tips

Marshall McLuhan, Canadian philosopher and predictor of the internet 30 years before it existed, coined the phrase “The medium is the message” With the changes that have happened with LinkedIn and the fact we have so much information ‘thrown’ at us, 1:1 personal messaging is starting to increase in importance and have a real impact on the platform.  Take the following CUE when messaging your network;  Clarify your intent. People… Read More »3 Quick LinkedIn Messaging Tips

How to Make Your Brand Relevant on LinkedIn in 2020

Linkedin is no longer your parent’s resume bank, it is fast becoming THE social network where you can still get noticed without having to pay your way to attention or doing something outrageous to be seen. Your posts are less likely to get lost in the noise of memes, celebrities and the latest gossip or politics that we see overwhelming other networks.  During the last two years, it seems another… Read More »How to Make Your Brand Relevant on LinkedIn in 2020

How on Target is Your Barista?

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s newsletter, it’s always nice to know you are missed! My message of what constitutes a good vision seemed to resonate with a number of you. If you missed it you can read it here. One of the most influential books I read last year was Atomic Habits by James Clear. A suggested tactic he offers to move toward longer-term goals or… Read More »How on Target is Your Barista?

Is Sharing a Recommendation Good Personal Branding or Just Bragging?

This article was prompted by a connection who was wondering what else they could be doing with the great recommendations they get on LinkedIn. There was some concern that although this person is a very genuine person and not one for exaggeration they feared it was going to be seen as bragging. It got me thinking. I certainly think from a personal branding perspective recommendations are underutilized and I would… Read More »Is Sharing a Recommendation Good Personal Branding or Just Bragging?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Buzzwords

LinkedIn’s Marketing team have tried to be creative and topical by linking the words that drive them mad as marketers and the NCAA March Madness bracketing. This really is a case of good and bad; Good and Bad words used. Good and Bad Marketing strategies . I have probably lost a few readers already because unless you are an American college basketball fan the chances are the bracket and maybe… Read More »The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Buzzwords

What Would You Like to Know About Someone Before You Meet Them?

Going into a meeting with or sending an e-mail to someone you don’t know can be a daunting proposition. So what do you do? Usually, the default now is to check out their social media profiles, website if they have one or other online resources.  But Googling someone only gets you so far.  With the advances in technology you would think (or hope) that perhaps you could find out a little bit… Read More »What Would You Like to Know About Someone Before You Meet Them?