Did we give good service or not?

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I have recently received 2 e-mails from this blog supplier – Typepad – about recent problems they were having with their service – which may have interupted my ability to use the product or my readers to access my positings.

Interestingly I have not been blogging recently – as you may have noticed – so I did not really experience any problems and my readership is not so large that anyone complained they could not access the blog either!

So the e-mail I received today was quite refreshing – and perhaps daring?

The e-mail outlined that they are going to credit my account with an additional 15 days of service, but if I felt this was not acceptable to click on the link and choose from:

30 days complimentary service

45 days complimentary service

No credit, it did not affect me

I went to the link and clicked the last one – it would be interesting to know how many others do.

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