Do you make memorable personal brand connections?

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Olympic Winners from Paul Copcutt on Vimeo

This past two weeks the Olympics has been a great spectacle. Obviously I am a little biased given my UK heritage, but team GB did fantastically as host nation and in the medals. 

I loved what the Royal Mail did for each GB gold medal won. Overnight they produced a stamp of the winners and then painted all the mail boxes in the winners home towns GOLD! This was an organization finding a unique and memorable way to connect their brand to the Olympics and they were not even a major sponsor.

For the traditional media companies, who have paid huge amounts of money for the rights, the challenges of making memorable and relevant connections has been a struggle. NBC in particular, while enjoying high ratings, have had as much negative exposure.

The video above reflects a smart move by Bell (owners of CTV the Canadian Olympic broadcasters), especially in making the connection to mobile, where many see the future of media. An app, called Epic, available in iTunes, allows you to record a short video clip and then make it 'Epic'. The app converts the video to slow motion and adds the 'Chariots of Fire' music to the video. I just love this and have been playing with it all week!

When it comes to your personal brand, how are you making connections for people to make yourself memorable and stand out? Video is certainly a way and one you should seriously consider. as we get more and more messages and feeds in to our daily lives it's the visual aspects we home in on and pictures and videos stand out well.

Talking of videos, I am going to be taking part in a month of personal branding related videos with my colleague Peter Sterlacci, called a vlogathon.  You can find out more here.

Want to understand how memorable your personal brand is right now?

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