Does your personal brand overflow?


Recently I received a request from someone who attended a speaking event that I did earlier last year. I always offer to help people or answer further questions that they might have on the subject of personal branding. With my past experience in recruitment I also offer to make introductions or share resources, which was what this person was looking for.

It took me a matter of a few seconds to dig out a list of recruiters and other resources relevant to this person's request and I sent an e-mail reply with all the information. This was their immediate reply;

"Thank you very much for such a generous help. It seems that I got a treasure 'box' of recruiter and associated links. I asked for a cup of water and I got a jug of water. You are up to your brand." 
I know that there are consultants, experts and 'guru's' who would tell me I am a fool for doing this. It's my time, knowledge and expertise that someone is asking for and that has a price attached to it.
Yes it's on brand for me, it's part of who I am, but I learnt this lesson very early on in my career, it was not the 'right' thing to do, it is the human thing to do.
How does your personal brand overflow?

4 thoughts on “Does your personal brand overflow?”

  1. Hi Paul,
    I just had to comment on your “overflow” and send you a pat on the back for introducing this subject. Right on!
    A few decades ago, my parents had a very successful “ma and pa” photography business. I grew up with a home-based biz attitude, since they involved me at an early age doing chores. Later I was the “receptionist”, and finally candid wedding (and funeral) photographer. My parents had quite a simple philosophy for customer service: HIGHEST quality, great prices, delivered before the promised due date and a value-added bonus that the client didn’t expect and would delight them. The value added was usually an additional print, or an extra picture frame, an unexpected casual photo that hadn’t been included in the proofs. They always said “Welcome back” – and so we had generations of families for repeat business.
    I’ve kept this simple model as a framework for my training and coaching business. I don’t discount, I “value add” and people love it. My parents’ brand overflowed, and they reinforced that for me as I was growing up, day after day. Brand overflow is as natural as pie with ice cream.
    Nice legacy don’t you think?
    – Maggie
    The Idea Sculptor

  2. Hi Paul
    Frankly you are a double-triple L – Life Long Learner, with a Love of Leveraging Learning to show people how they can live their life according to their brand (true self). A tough job anyway. Keep your double-triple L in action. And continue to poke people with your toonies worth blogs and personal branding insights.
    Imran M. Ismail

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