How can you make a job move in the current climate?


Making any type of job move, internally or externally, is going  to be difficult in the current climate, given that if companies are hiring they are more likely going to be tougher on getting exactly the right fit – otherwise they will run light and save the money.

But what can you do if you not only want to make a move, but possibly one in to a new area?

  • Take a look at the job(s) you are interested in and determine what are the key skills required.
  • See if you can get some informational meetings with people currently doing the job to get their insight. (Do not forget to have your unique career marketing documents with you so that IF asked you can let them have)- you never know and in the current market employee referrals is one of the major ways companies are sourcing talent.
  • Create a resume, branded bio and achievements sheet that reflects the skills you have identified and how you have successfully used those in the past work experience you do have.

You can always see if there is a company willing to take you on in another area with the understanding that you want to transition in to your ideal role.


3 thoughts on “How can you make a job move in the current climate?”

  1. I’ve always loved the information interview. In a past life I worked with many internationally-trained professionals, and this was a “must do” activity in the curriculum. They were wary at first, but most of them agreed it was one of the best things they did. Not only did they acquire invaluable information, it also boost their self-confidence from having to “make the call”.
    Great advice Paul!

  2. I found the part of this post inconsistent with your other posts / messages. Here you say to ‘create a resume’. Yet everywhere else you say to get rid of your resume.
    I think maybe it is just the state of companies.
    I have a resume that is up to date. While I think companies would better understand me, by checking out my blog, talking to me etc., so many still want the resume. I am guessing this is your logic for making the resume statement here.

  3. Mike – thanks for asking. You are correct, the resume still has its place. What I do say is that only when there is a direct application for a specific position should the resume come in to play. Otherwise its the brag sheet and bio.
    We might reach the point one day when resumes are not needed, but perhaps not in my working lifetime – but who knows (and hopes!).
    Just my toonies worth

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