How Important Are Your Values as Part of Your Personal Brand?

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Green A recent poll by, the job board, found that 81% of Canadians considered that their employer was “polluting the environment,” “ignoring the need to be environmentally friendly,” or in need of “help to become greener”. Only 18% of employees considered their employer to be extremely green.

In a related survey a staggering 78% said that given a choice, they would leave their current job in favour of a greener workplace. Recruiters are now reporting that candidates are demanding to know a company’s environmental stance before taking a job.

This is a classic example of where peoples personal values (and in some cases passions) are becoming a key part of the selection process when it comes to jobs – and is a foundation part of building your personal brand.

So how important are your values to you? Would you think about moving jobs because of them?

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