Is there going to be a legacy for your personal brand?

When you work on your personal brand, very often it is with an immediate goal or outcome in mind – new job, promotion or more clients. That's great.

Very often though people do not realise that personal branding is not a one off activity or process. The real benefit of getting clear on what your brand is and determining the best way to communicate it is that once you have done it, you can continue to review, tweak and revise your personal brand for….well ever!

When I first did the process I will admit I did not think that way. Now I think even in to the next stage – the impact of my personal brand when I am gone.

I am very passionate about the generation coming after me and those after them. If I can influence the way that they think about their personal brands and they in turn pass that on then I really like to think that my personal brand will have a legacy impact.

What about you? What impact do you want your personal brand to have?

2 thoughts on “Is there going to be a legacy for your personal brand?”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for stimulating my thinking. I have been thinking about my brand legacy a lot this year. I realized that I don’t want to just help optimize companies for increased clients but also to help the business owner spend more time with who and what they love.
    By helping them get more clients more easily the bsuiness owner has less stress. I want the children of entrepreneurs to get their parents back!

  2. Stacey – love t – Helping business owners kids get their parents back! – what a great legacy as we see more people taking the self emplyed route and the next generation very much more willing to look at this as a viable career option. Thanks for sharing.

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