Is Your Brain (and Brand) Engaged?

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Last night I attended the ICF Toronto chapter meeting and was treated to two presenters and a very entertaining and worthwhile evening.

The first speaker was David Rock author of 'Quiet Leadership' – Help people think better, Don't tell them what to do!

He is starting to do some interesting work around relating neuroscience to coaching – brain based coaching – and how the brain reacts when we try to change something that has been hardwired in to us. The basis conclusion is that its nigh on impossible because our working memory cannot cope with so much request for use of brain power and we need to approach things differently. When we do something a number of times we create a map and we are hardwired.

To change that we need to create a new map – not try to deconstruct the existing one. So in coaching the recommendation is to
1. Let the person drive the thinking
2. As the coach gently nudge them toward solutions
3. Watch for the energy and insight (and resist putting in your two cents)
4. Provide extensive positive feedback
5. Give the new map(s) lots of attention

The second speaker was Tim Rutledge – author of 'Getting Enaged – the new workplace loyalty" – much of what he spoke to was the shift that is being experienced in the world of work today where it is becoming a sellers market (the employee) and the role of the manager is critical in the employee being engaged or dis-engaged.

I asked the question – who's responsibility is it to engage the employee – the employee or the employer? Not sure if I got the answer – most of the talk and book revolves around the responsibility of the employer.

However in personal branding it is critical that you start to realise the importance of controlling your career (because no-one else will be) and therefore in turn you are responsible to a great extent on whether you are going to be engaged or not.

Ask for the interesting projects or assignments, look to add to your skills and knowledge, deliver WOW performance – get engaged – be on brand.

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