Ma Bell’s Demise Continues

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I made the move recently to VOIP (voice over internet) telephone and have been monitoring the results and quality – overall it seems to be as good as my current service with Bell.

So I made the decision to switch my high-speed internet access for home to a lighter version and run VOIP for home too, as well as cancel an additional telephone line that has become a little redundant.

Simple enough you would think – but over 30 minutes later and having spoken to 3 different people we finally got it done!

Bell is very quick to sell you al; the time on their wonderful bundling options – add a cell phone get $10 off long distance, or order satelitte and get reduced internet access etc etc. But when you try to unbundle they make it as difficult as hell.

Sympatico, Bell's internet company, even wanted to get me to pay by pre-authorised payment, even though I was keeping the reduced service with them and have been a loyal customer since I came to Canada in 1996 – when I was paying almost 50 cents a minute to call the UK!

I just told them to cancel completely and miraculously the policy changed!

No wonder the VOIP and cable companies are taking their business – no flexibility, customer loyalty recognition or marketing sense – whatever happened to serving the customer??!!

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