Make Mine a Double Tall Non-Fat No Foam Latte Extra Hot with Legs!

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For the next 5 days, leading up to what is for most the last work days before taking a well deserved holiday break, I am going to be giving you some ideas for gifts that can display to those that matter a little more about your personal brand and show your appreciation.

Showing Your Personal Brand #1

Promo_03 Looking for a more memorable thank you this holiday season? Want to make it personal and useful? What if it could be on brand for you too?

Starbucks may well have the answer, My Customized Starbucks Card allows you to design your own card for someone else, pay for it online and have it sent directly to them.

I am a big Starbucks fan both in terms of their brand, the fact that they allow their employees to develop their own personal brands under the corporate banner and they make good coffee ofcourse!

This is a really great idea at this time of year to say thanks and add a touch of your own personal brand too. I am sure the recipient is going to remember this (and you) for a long time – infact everytime they pull out THEIR card and order that Double Tall Non Fat No Foam Latte Extra Hot with Legs!

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