Making Connections

Whenever I travel I always take the opportunity to see if I can connect with people in my network, or look to meet with others that potentially can become part of my network. Ferrazzi talks about this in his book Never Eat Alone and its a habit that is very worth forming.

This trip to Montreal has been no exception as I have been able to connect with one colleague and two new potential connections.

I met with Danielle Silverman, a fellow personal brand strategist and we were able to catch up on each others businesses and developments.

We then both met with a great lady Joanne Duchastel of JED New Media, a company that is really carving a place ofr itself in the elearning space and creating a library of every topic you can think of through its JEDlets.

And then I was able to meet Mitch Joel of Twist Image, a rapidly growing digital marketing agency, at a really funky cafe in one of the neatest office spaces I have seen for a long time. Mitch has been speaking on the topic of personal branding and I always find its great to meet with like minded people and see where that leads.

Take a moment next time you are going on a trip to see who you might want to connect with – you'll be glad you did.

1 thought on “Making Connections”

  1. It was great to meet you too Paul and thanks for opening my eyes to other greats who are helping to promote the power of building one’s personal brand.
    I truly believe in the concepts and ideas that we both share and explore with people and I am very much looking forward to us keeping this conversation alive.

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