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Monster10 years ago when I first arrived in Canada the daily main newspapers were full of jobs, on a Saturday as many as 30 pages – now you are lucky to see 3!

The on line job board has taken over, but according to CareerXRoads survey their impact is not as great as perhaps you the job seeker might think.

In fact I will bet that if you are in active job search mode you are spending way more time looking on the job boards than is either necessary or warranted.

The smart job boards are starting to try and do something about this. has added a couple of new features recently that make your job searching life a little easier and even let you know how you stack up against other candidates for a particular job;

– Previously on this blog the JASPER (Job Assets and Strengths Profiler) was mentioned

– Last week they introduced the ability for job canddiates to compare their application against others and see how they stack up – see Press Release. Job seekers can now tell what percentage of other applicants share similar qualificiations in terms of educational level and years of experience. This should also enhance more quality matches. 

– Also there is a quick online assessment you can take to see what type of personality you are, what jobs you are suited to and then direct links to the list of similar positions on their job board. See Discover Your Perfect Career

I was advised that career counselling, management consultancy or HR is where I belonged – PHEW – I thought I was going to have to look for a new job!

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