OH – Canada! played on the vuvuzela

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This is a Vuvuzela – the African horn that is being blown incessantly at the World Cup soccer matches, it sounds like a cross between a car horn and a persistent mosquito!

There has been a lot written and said about how annoying it is and that it should be banned – but this is counter to the brand of South Africa as host of the World Cup, I do not see it as any different from European soccer fans continually banging a drum or English soccer fans playing the Colonel Bogey tune at all their games.

There is a cultural connection between the vuvuzela and African celebration, so it would be wrong to change it.

Do you have a connection to a cultural icon, tune or event that could be part of your personal brand?

This week see's a melding of two cultural influences on my personal brand – English soccer, although of course we just got knocked out of the World Cup, but I faithfully flew my St George flags and wore my England soccer shirt for each game.

The second influence is that Thursday is Canada Day, 14 years ago to the day I arrived in Canada and that makes it an extra special day of celebration – Happy Canada Day to all Canadians and Independence Day for the 4th to US readers.



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