Oh no…….not the comfy chair!

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McDonalds Canada is investing over $1 billion on its 1,400 stores to rip out the plastic seating and replace it with leather seating, plasma TV's and fireplaces in a bid to woo more customers. 

But does a comfy chair or two change the perception of the brand? 

Starbucks has comfy chairs and wi-fi, but then I expect that, it's an integral part of their brand – but wi-fi and fireplaces in McDonalds seems to be a disconnect. I can remember many years ago when living in the UK and studying their tactics to get you in and out as fast as possible. Now they want you to linger a while, but will it make you spend any more or even come back to them? 

The staff have not changed and neither has the menu, the brand still seems tired, I'm just waiting for Five Guys to get up here and have a real burger that is Zagat rated!


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