Ouch! – That Hurt

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I just received in the mail an updated statement from my chiropractor, we typically just pay a lump sum every few months that covers a few visits and when that runs out we top up again.

We must have missed a few because we now owe for the last couple of months of family visits – which is fine.

But my wife noticed that she had been charged for her missed appointment last week – the full price of a visit. Now I fully understand the situation the chiropractor is in – they have a certain number of hours to fill and can only charge a certain amount per hour -that is always the limitation of charging by the hour instead of for your expertise.

The rub is that there was no conversation, or reminder of cancellation policy – just the bill – which especially for my wife has now left a bitter taste – when this charge probably represents less than 2% of our total spend in his practice in a year – a conversation first would have been nice and smart business.

"All problems in life exist in the absence of a good conversation" – John Niland

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