Personal Branding Transparency?

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People have been asking how I felt about the results and feedback from my own 360. To be honest I felt really good, there were a few home truths, but fair comments based on where my head is at and it was a great exercise to do again with the new version of the tool.

To see my results click here

Equally interesting was the comparison of my results now versus the last time that I took the 360 almost 2 years ago.

My brand has really developed in to something that I am starting to feel comfortable with and following some refinements and honing on my target market I really feel good about the direction I will be taking in 2007.

Some have asked what I will be doing with the results and you will be seeing that over the next weeks and months, but I have started to fully incorporate the results with prospective clients by directing them to my full summary as part of our ‘getting to know each other’.

Would you do the same with yours?

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