Bespoke – Design & Deliver


Bespoke – Design & Deliver

You know that you want to work on your personal brand development or re-design. I will work with you to address the specific areas that need attention. I will support, coach and consult with you as you design your ultimate personal brand blueprint.

Prior to starting we will agree on the specific deliverables for the project, including if desired, a ‘Do It All For You’ option and agree on timing and the investment.

Programs run for up to 6 months, in part determined by client availability and workload.

Typical process covers the following

  1. Pre-call questions regarding your current situation.
  2. Pre-call personal brand self-assessment to be completed and report produced.
  3. Session to review answers, report and understand your current personal brand and future aspirations.
  4. 360 personal brand assessment to gather others perceptions of your personal brand.
  5. Session to review the results of the 360 personal brand assessment and its uses.
  6. Review of current online and offline brand.
  7.  Two sessions to gain insights into your current brand position, actions to take and answer your questions.
  8. Up to five additional sessions of coaching/consulting.
  9. Unlimited e-mail and as needed 5 minute phone calls.
  10. Choice of up to 6 specific deliverables from the following options, including;
  • Branded Bio
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Branded LinkedIn Profile (or alternative social media platform)
  • LinkedIn Action Plan (or alternative social media platform)
  • Resume
  • Executive Summary
  • Website/Blog plan
  • Brag Sheet
  • Target Audience Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Thought Leadership Plan
  1. 90 day email support post work to answer any further questions.

Face to face or full day in person long distance options can be quoted separately.

All potential Bespoke clients require an initial complimentary strategy session to discuss your specific situation and talk through the various options available. Please contact us by clicking here.

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