Stop Callin’, Stop Callin’ , I don’t want to think anymore

According to, the discreet dating service, Blackberry users are bigger cheats than iPhone owners in Canada. A recent survey found that Blackberry smartphones were logging in to the website as much as three times more.

This might be due to the demogpraphic of the owner or that the 'sinful' user likes the increased safety of the Blackberry encrypted service.

Although the use of such a service is certainly also a reflection of someone's personal brand it is not likely to be one that they would broadcast!

There is the saying "Blackberry for dough, iPhone for show", but both companies are working hard at attracting the opposite of this too. However, your choice of smartphone and even it's ringtone can be clear communication of your brand and you need to ensure like many other visual and tangible signs that these are on brand for you.

Which one do you use and do you have a distinct ringtone that is on brand for you?

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