Which way is the right way at work?

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There was a recent article in the Globe & Mail, Top 12 Workplace Myths, taken from a chapter in the new book Fuse: Making Sense of the New Cogenerational Workplace™ – the article ended by offering what they called Fusions as key learnings from the chapter – I have added what you need to do about them.   The most likable people get promoted, not the hardest workers. – If likeable is… Read More »Which way is the right way at work?

Is this the latest workplace Eye-Pod?

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For most of the 43 years that my Dad worked, he always took 15-20 minutes after lunch for a nap, even though he worked in a traditional, professional, office environment. It would appear that this idea of rest time is becoming more common and accepted – this company Podtime have been installing sleep pods in UK workspaces for some time now.  And according to a Pew Research study from a… Read More »Is this the latest workplace Eye-Pod?