The Apprentice – The Final Week

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A6_logo5_3 The finale was a little predictable in terms of content and outcome. Trump was his usual 'movie star' self, but he does not do well with scripted teleprompters – his personal brand is all about NOW!

I said back in after Week 11 that Stefani was the dark horse and either would go all the way or get eliminated by someone who saw her as a threat.

She survived and ultimately won – the first Apprentice to win without ever being a project manager!

Itis a great example of a well executed personal brand. She was certainly the one who played to her strengths and took on the tasks that she knew she could do well with. She was never called in to the boardroom – she did a good job every time.

Above all though Stefani is a good example of a strong personal brand becuase she was herself – authentic. She did not try to be someone she was not, did not try to take on things she could not do – she dlegated or let others do it and she did not have ot be brash, loud or obnoxious to win – well done Stefani.

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