The Art of Communication

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When I was in Denver for the CMI conference we had an opportunity to go out for a meal on the last night to a restaurant that someone had seen on the Travel Show.

The restaurant was called 'Adega' – a Portuguese word meaning above the ground wine cellar. The interior was very modern and the wine cellar was a glass encased area in the centre of the restaurant with the wine bottles stored in plastic square cases.

What was really impressive however was the waiting staff. We were a table of eight and during the course of the evening we had 5 or 6 different servers – not once did they get anything wrong in the order, responding to requests or making changes – the communication led by our main waiter was seamless and something I have not seen so brilliantly executed in a restaurant.
I had to take a moment to commend the management and front of house staff on the excellent dining experience they afforded us, and now I tell everyone.

What are you communicating about your brand? Are you getting the right message across?

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