The Art of Management, Toronto, 16th October – #taom Twitter follow

I had a great day yesterday at The Art Of Management event in Toronto and will be adding some more thoughts and insights over the next week.

There were quite a number of people there tweeting live and also following as well as people like me who tweeted once they got back to their offices, homes and computers. The event # was #taom and I have put together a list of all those who have tweeted about the event and made it easy to follow if you want by using TweepML just click on this link and you can choose who to follow;  Follow Us On Twitter

@mwbuckingham – Marcus Buckingham
@gtdguy – David Allen
@mitchjoel – Mitch Joel
@tom_peters – Tom Peters
@paulcopcutt – Paul Copcutt
@TheArtofEvents – The Art of Events
@DAN_FROM_BNS – Dan Demsky
@JUSTIN_FROM_BNS – Justin Brennon Smith
@Polina888 – Polina
@AlexIkonn – Alex Ikonn
@Judy_Sims – Judy Sims
@stevecunningham – Steve Cunningham
@ShirleyPorter – Shirley Porter
@Hustlin34Owl – Paul Morrell
@Corycc – Cory Coley
@MedEdGuy – Dave Airdrie
@deepthinking – Stephen Chanasyk
@RHBDaveHowlett – Dave Howlett
@karensd – Karen SchulmanDupuis
@kbsoran – Kaan Bora Soran
@rlavigne42 – Robert Lavigne
@jenkellyjen – Jennifer Kelly
@ExecRoundtable – Glain Roberts-McCabe
@stevemast – Steve Mast
@RIGHTSLEEVE – Mark Graham
@sdkstl – Staci D Kramer
@mikeorren – Mike Orren
@ellengm – Ellen Graf-Martin
@CoachPalmer – Michael Palmer
@rachelohearn – Rachel Jean O'Hearn
@chieflemonhead – Judi Samuels
@tarzansgrrl – Jayne Hoogenberk
@lydiafernandes – Lydia Fernandes
@jsmarcellus – Jamie Marcellus
@sarahkatyal – Sarah Katyal
@denispaulvc – Denis P van Chestein
@liseconde – Lise Conde
@nataliecurrie – Natalie Currie
@boxofcrayons – Michael Bungay Stanier
@NawarNaji – Nawar Naji

Here is the link to the page


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