The Top 11 Personal Branding Trends for 2011

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Well here we are in to the second month of the year and is it turning out as you expected?

Personal branding has changed quite dramatically from when I first got involved over 7 years ago. One of the first companies that I came across when I was exploring this whole area was Reach and I aligned much of my early work with their approach. The founder of Reach, William Arruda, has put together a report of what he see's are the Top 11 Trends for 2011 when it comes to personal branding.

He says;

Keeping your eye on the future direction of personal branding will help you remain visible and vital no matter what kind of work you do. For the past few years, I’ve identified trends related to personal branding and the best techniques for building your brand.

In 2010, video was the primary theme. Once again for 2011, video remains a focus of many of the trends that will drive your personal branding decisions and actions. In fact, video plays a major role in five of the eleven trends below.

  • Personal Branding Trend #1: Anywhere Hiring
  • Personal Branding Trend #2: Homecasting 
  • Personal Branding Trend #3: VIDMail 
  • Personal Branding Trend #4: Pret-a-Regarder
  • Personal Branding Trend #5: Personal Branding Infused 
  • Personal Branding Trend #6: Web Purity 
  • Personal Branding Trend #7: 3-D PB  
  • Personal Branding Trend #8: Personal Portals 
  • Personal Branding Trend #9: RevYOUs 
  • Personal Branding Trend #10: Human Augmented Reality  
  • Personal Branding Trend #11: Google Gatekeepers  

To receive more information and links to videos as well as a free full copy of the report go to the Reach web site by CLICKING HERE 


1 thought on “The Top 11 Personal Branding Trends for 2011”

  1. Very much agreed with the Personal Portal sides, Paul, as many Social Media programs fuse together, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, and your Blog.
    A timeless fact (vs. a “1011 trend”): Real-time Brand monitoring and interventions. Think Tony Hayward and BP Oil. The higher up the ladder you are, the greater your need for this.

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