What is your theme for 2011?

It's only the 5th of January and already you might have had it with 2011 and so many articles, gurus, TV hosts and anyone still sticking to them, telling you to set those new year resolutions. Well the good news is there will only be 12 more days to put up with it all, because according to research we stick to them for about 17 days.

My colleague Jen Koretsky the founder of ADD Management Group has a different opinion (which is one of the things I love about Jen, she says it like it is) read her blog post – Forget Your New Years Resolutions.

I loved her idea of a theme for the year and cosciously working on living that theme, throughout the year. As part of my Review Your Year With No Fear program you are asked to come up with one word to both sum up 2010 and for your 2011, mine was 'Health' for both (more on this on a future post). But the more I thought on Jen's words, the more I realised how much more empowering and freeing a Theme is.

So my theme for 2011 is "The Year of Living My Full Life"

My goal for 2011 is "To focus on doing only the things that make me happy and giving."

My mantra for 2011 is "Am I having fun and is it helping others?"

What is your Theme, Goal and Mantra for 2011? Add your toonies worth below.

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