You have to own the definition of YOU!

Stand out

A recent survey of 500 Canadian and US human resource managers by the American Management Association, found that 51% of employees felt their company's talent development was either flawed or unfair and 41% of the employers themselvs do not announce criteria or invite employees to nominate themselves for leadership development


It is up to you to take control of your career development, it's up to you to own the definition of who you are and communicate it effectively to get noticed for the next opportunity or promotion – it is NOT anyone elses responsibility. 

If the system is broken or flawed use your skills and influence to get it fixed, changed or get out. 

Three things you can do to get noticed:

1. Know exactly what it is you want to be doing next, where your skills and experience and personal leadership brand are best suited and be sure you have a very clear understanding about what it is going to take to get there. Clearly identify who are the people making decisions regarding that next move. 

2. Keep a record of all the activities, contributions and extra work you do above and beyond your normal job description and be ready to share them when called upon or the opportunity arises.

3. Look for openings on committees or task / project groups where you can make a significant impact and get noticed. 

Stand out for the right reasons, not because you are just another BMW. 

Just my toonies worth.

2 thoughts on “You have to own the definition of YOU!”

  1. Nice article, as always, Paul. To piggyback on your point #3, if the employee can measure their value through a task/project, it gives them a chance to quantify and qualify the positive impact they’ve made — something to add to their Personal Brand.
    As you know, besides measuring one’s impact in dollars (preferred by employers), an employee can also measure his or her impact on processes, people, quality, and the environment.

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