You’re so Thain, you probably think this post is about you

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You get called to your new bosses office for a chat – things might appear a little ominous

You agree that things have not gone as well as you expected, but then it is the economy after all, but since you have been in the job you have had made some significant changes for the good, saved the 
company so money and set it on a better track. There are some losses but it's not that bad. 

Of course you did ask for a $10 million bonus last month!

You boss kindly points out that……..

The company you did run he bought last fall at a heavily discounted price 

Thousands of your former employees have been laid off

The losses you mentioned last year are actually $27 billion

Oh yes and then there was the little case that you had your office refurbished last year and spent over $800,000

Including a $1400 waste paper basket and $35,000 commode!

Don't let the door hit you on the way out – and enjoy trying to explain that one at your next interview!

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