3 Quick LinkedIn Messaging Tips

Marshall McLuhan, Canadian philosopher and predictor of the internet 30 years before it existed, coined the phrase “The medium is the message”

With the changes that have happened with LinkedIn and the fact we have so much information ‘thrown’ at us, 1:1 personal messaging is starting to increase in importance and have a real impact on the platform. 

Take the following CUE when messaging your network; 

Clarify your intent. People do not want to have to read tons of preamble or go over your message more than once to figure out what you are trying to say or ask. Be to the point and ensure it is clear what you want people to do next. Do not assume that they remember you, even though you are connected, give them a brief context or a reason they are getting a message in the first place. 

Understand how the messaging app works. Change the settings, the default is to send what you have typed every time you hit return, there is nothing more embarrassing than sending 10 single-line messages to the same person. Also, the small green button on someone’s headshot indicates they are either online right then or will get a mobile notification when you message them, this can increase the likelihood of getting a response.

Everyone does not use LinkedIn in the same way as you do. A good general rule of thumb is this is not like instant messaging, users are not on the platform even once a day, find another way to get in touch if you need an immediate answer.  Because 1:1 messaging makes it personal, adding a whole distribution list to the same message makes it seem like an email blast or worse and when someone chooses to leave the group message everyone else gets notified, you are not making a good brand impression that way. 

But, use the messaging app well and it can help you build and cement relationships as well as lead to opportunities that may otherwise have not happened. 

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