Are You Measuring Marketing Effectiveness?

“How did you hear about us?”

That question is probably still the primary source of marketing measurement for many real estate investing business owners.

Which might be okay if your marketing is minimal or haphazard.

But if you are starting to strategically plan more regular and perhaps in-depth or sophisticated campaigns you will want some solid metrics to fathom their effectiveness.

Sticking your face on a giant billboard, side of a bus or bench may be very visible (at least to you) and maybe even a little ego-boosting.

But they are a waste of hard-earned marketing dollars (and potentially brand-damaging) if;

– Every driver is focused on the road and their passengers are glued to their phones.

– The winter roads have the busses looking like off-road vehicles covered in mud.

– The bench is covered in graffiti or the garbage can next to it is overflowing and you have a food wrapper or coffee stains all over your ad or face!

How are you measuring the effectiveness when marketing your real estate investing business?

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