Are You Meeting in Person Again?

This past week I had the almost forgotten pleasure of attending a live event. It was a comedy night, which probably was even more attractive to many who attended given we have not had a lot to laugh about over the last 18 months.

Initially, it felt a little disconcerting, sitting next to someone I did not know. Of course, everyone was masked and vaccination status had been checked at the door. But you never know. As one of the comedians said, you just might all be very good at Photoshop.

Certainly, some of the audience kept their distance as best they could, some remained masked and chose not to drink or eat.

We then had the pleasure, over this weekend, of having a get-together with a few friends to celebrate my partner’s birthday. It was so enjoyable to eat, drink and laugh again and to be honest feel a little bit normal.

What I really enjoyed was the opportunity to have the intimacy of 1:1 conversations without a screen or saying “You’re on mute”. Seeing the emotional reactions, picking up on body language, seeing a smile again was something we used to so quickly take for granted. Quite possibly it was one of the highlights this year to have that human connection again.

That will not be the case for many. Sadly, these past couple of years have placed an incredible strain on people, some physically and for a much bigger number, mentally.

As you start to venture out, maybe even attend a business networking event again, like I will for a client this week, take a moment to remember not everyone will be at the same place as you. Be considerate of their discomfort or uneasiness, the chances are it’s not you.

And it’s also ok for you to feel the same and if needed say so.

What are you venturing out to do?

Photo by Anna Selle on Unsplash

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