Are Your Running Vanilla Marketing Campaigns?

Because your desire (or perhaps desperation) is to not exclude anyone with a pulse who could be a client or joint venture partner. Or you play it safe so you do not run the risk of offending anyone.

You end up with vanilla real estate investing marketing.

Perhaps you are following the ‘way it’s always been done’ or you are following some new guru or copycatting a 10x influencer or leading real estate investor.

But then you hesitate or second guess yourself and all of a sudden you are sounding and looking like everyone else.


or worse


or even worse


In this instance habeas corpus is not about your guilt or innocence, but about whether custody of that person (i.e. trying to keep their attention) is lawful under the common laws of marketing decency.

If the answer is no you need to be rethinking how you are going about your marketing your real estate investing business. For everyone’s sake, but mostly that of your business.

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