Did They Hear of Your Resume on the Vine?

This is not the last time I will be writing about this. The resume as a lead in career document has to end now!

dawn siff


500 years ago Leonardo da Vinci wrote the first resume. He also produced designs for, among other things,  helicopters, contact lenses and parachutes.

In terms of technology which do you think have advanced more since then?

This lady is Dawn Siff, , she used Vine, the new 6 second video app! – watch it here.

This may not be the answer to the paper resume, but its more damn interesting than two pieces of paper. How can you use the advances in technology or just different approaches to present yourself ? Your career, services or products.

Or perhaps next time you are hiring do not ask for a resume,  ask for a Vine resume!

Question: How are you presenting your experience differently? Leave a comment below. 


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