Does Being Toady Damage Your Brand?


We have all seen them. The toady, slimy, sleazy characters on TV or movies, sucking up to the boss. Think Dwight in The Office. But let’s be honest with ourselves, in real estate investing we could be labelled toady too.

I know sometimes my propensity to people please could be construed differently.

– When we fawn over a local celebrity, keynote speaker or someone with a few thousand Instagram followers, even though we do not like what they stand for or the way they conduct themselves. My Dad had a colleague who used to have shares in large company’s so he could go to the AGM’s and say he peed next to Lord So and So !!

– When an important (or critical to your business) client cracks a poor joke or worse makes a comment you disagree with but you choose to support it by laughing or saying nothing.

When we compromise our values to be accepted into the ‘in crowd. or latest networking group with ‘the cool kids’

There is a fine line between being toady and people pleasing. The important thing is are you able to identify the difference and know when you are in danger of crossing it?

That will likely determine if your real estate investing brand is perceived as supportive or suck-up.

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