How Are You Telling Your Real Estate Investing Story?

3 times storytelling will enhance and 3 times it will damage your brand.

You want prospects and clients to make an emotional connection to your real estate investing business and your brand. Often we are told that storytelling is the way to do that.

For that to happen it NEEDS to be;
1. Engaging – attention spans are diminishing by the day.
2. Easy to follow – sometimes visual or storyboards can help.
3. About them or at least relatable – if it seems out of reach or unrealistic they will doubt the story.

What it does NOT need to be is;
1. Long and involved – you will lose them either through confusion or boredom.
2. Elaborate and complicated – see above!
3. All about you – no-one likes a bragger. It’s ok to talk about success but don’t become the hero – that’s what your prospect wants to be.

What stories are you telling about your business and which of these are they following?

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