How Colour Brands a Cause

Think charity and thin pink and probably most of you are immediately connecting to Breast Cancer.  Except today is Pink Shirt Day and it has nothing to do with cancer.

Pink shirt day

Two high school friends were so shocked by a fellow student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt that they went out bought 50 pink shirts and handed them out at school the next day to their friends. The bullies were not heard of again. Read the full story here.  7 years later Pink Shirt Day is recognised as an international no bullying day.

Colour can say a lot about your brand and how people perceive you. Like with my new shoes. Consider the following as a guide to some of the colours you might choose for your brand along with its associated attributes and which other organizations are linked to that colour.

Yellow – Bright, positive, warm, visionary, future oriented – DHL, Lotus Software, Hertz, McDonalds

Blue – Credibility, trust, authority, loyalty –  Royal Bank, IBM, Wal-Mart, Nokia, Ford

Red – Power, risk, excitement, aggressiveness, desire, courage  – Coke, Adobe, Target, HSBC

Green – Environmentally friendly, fresh, natural, calming, healing –  Starbucks, Body Shop, BP, Garnier

Purple – Luxury, mystery, royalty, wealth, spirituality – FedEx, Sofitel hotels, Church of England

Orange – Determination, energy, vitality, strength, productivity- ING, Hugo Boss, Orange, Home Depot

What is your brand colour?

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