Is Your Word Your Bond?


In a world of exaggerations, fake news and bare-faced lying can the phrase “My word is my bond” carry weight or worth anymore?

For something to be indissoluble means it is incapable of being annulled, broken or undone – what we used to mean by ‘my word is my bond’ but now requires us to have contracts drawn up, witnesses present and perhaps even recordings made. Just look at all the paperwork for real estate investing.

Even then some will try to deny or invalidate.

One thing that should be indissoluble is your brand. If you stand for something and believe it then not living up to that means your brand starts to dissolve in the eye of the client.

A dissolving brand is one that is losing value.

If you can say “My brand is my bond” perhaps that is a principle that gives you differentiation from other real estate investors who claim to do what you do but fail to be indissoluble

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