Which is More Important – Medals or Brand?

As the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi draws to a close, one thing always interests me – the medal count.


Some media produce tables that rank countries in order of the number of Gold medals.

Other media produce table with total number of medals.

Often it is the country’s media that dictates which one is more favourable. So which one is right?

Well according to the Olympic charter the spirit seems to be neither.

Article 6: The Olympic Games are competitions between athletes in individual or team events and not between countries.”

Most of us  feel are first and foremost excited to see the achievements of the athletes, I know in currently working with a number of former Olympians the dedication and effort that they put in to their sport is quite unbelievable and very admirable.  But of course we all get incredibly patriotic when it comes to the Olympics, when else would bars open at 7 am on a Sunday morning for people to cheer on the Canadian hockey team to gold?

What is interesting is that Article 6 does seem to fade in to the background for the IOC, BUT when it comes to defence of their brand they are much more active.  They are very quick to jump on mis-use of the logo, name or even spirit of the games to protect the rights of the major sponsors.

The IOC has very clear guidelines and rules when it comes to the use of the brand.  Sometimes they go a little too far, for example not allowing skiboarders to carry tributes to her on their boards. Although they did allow an ashes spreading ceremony on the half pipe later in the games.

Maintaining brand standards is a critical part of brand success.  This is something for your own personal brand that you need to be equally aware of and protective.

But when it comes to medals which one do you think is right?  Take the poll here.


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