Where Can I See a Sent Invitation to Connect on LinkedIn?

There may be times when you want to review the unaccepted invitations that you have sent on LinkedIn. Perhaps even withdraw a few if there has been no response after a while. It is good to keep in mind that people at not on the platform every day so leave invitation requests open for at least a week or two before withdrawing.

I have recorded a short instruction video to show the quickest way to do this which you can watch here;

Watch instruction video that answers Where can you see the list of people you’ve sent an invitation to connect on LinkedIn?


  1. Go to your home page on LinkedIn

2. Click on the ‘My Network’ tab at the top of the page. That opens this look below which shows your pending invitations;

3. Click on the ‘Manage all’ link, which opens this look below where you can see both sent and received invitations.

NOTE: You cannot see a list of sent invitations once they are accepted or have previously been withdrawn.

There is a help topic on Managing invitations at LinkedIn too – click here

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