Completing & Remembering 2011

Of course this time of year is probably the most popular for goal setting and we all know the many disappointments by mid-January (or even earlier) as we fall off all the good intentions.  The challenge with a lot of goal setting is that we tend to do it in isolation, versus building on where we are coming from. So before you sit down to set those goals for 2012,… Read More »Completing & Remembering 2011

Resolutions Schmezalutions

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 As part of the continuing theme "Review Your Year With No Fear", there is still time to review 2010, just e-mail me paul @ paulcopcutt.com and I will send you the first three lessons. The final lesson comes out in a few days and is more about looking forward to 2011, so I thought that this article, written by colleague Jamie Broughton of Footprint Leadership, was a great lead in… Read More »Resolutions Schmezalutions

Getting 2011 off to a running start

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The running has probably started, but perhaps not in the right direction. You may have come back to work with a heaviliy loaded in box, requests, meetings etc – very soon you might be wishing you were back on vacation. So take a moment to consider how you might get running in 2011 in the right direction. Take 5 minutes to listen to these tips from Alan Weiss, The Million… Read More »Getting 2011 off to a running start

Tell me the one word that sums up your personal brand

  As 2010 starts to wind down you are probably spending some time reflecting on the past year. What was your biggest success ? What was the best decision that you made? What one word best describes the year for you? You might never have asked yourself questions like these before. But they are part of what you need to be asking yourself so that you can wrap up 2010… Read More »Tell me the one word that sums up your personal brand

Is Your Personal Brand Ready for 2011?

2010 A YEAR OF FEAR? In my business 2010 has for me been a good year, on par with 2009, which was particularly pleasing as 2009 was my best since starting Square Peg over 7 years ago. But what has been even more fantastic this year has been seeing my wife Keri develop in to a very capable and successful business owner and leader. Last week I was so proud… Read More »Is Your Personal Brand Ready for 2011?