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7 Best Practices For Being a Conference Guerrilla

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The following story is an example of how the actions recommended in this series of articles can work for you. Whilst they are intended mostly for longer conferences they can apply and work equally well to one off events.

How to be a Conference Guerrilla – Part 1 – Pre-Conference can be read here. 

In our time-crunched lives and with the option of virtual events, physically attending conferences can be a hard decision to make.  Approach events with more than just looking at the speaker line up, the complimentary networking sessions or in some cases to get the professional development credits checked off.  Instead actually measure the ‘return on investment’ of attending a conference. Start using this mindset and you will see the value to your organization and your personal brand in getting out there.

I once went to hear Keith Ferrazzi, author of “Never Eat Alone” speak at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business. I learnt about the event from the organizer who had booked me to speak there a few months earlier.

I followed Keith’s advice in his book about ‘bumping‘ the speaker before they go on stage and engaging them quickly to gain a follow-up.  I had brought my copy of the book and asked him to ‘sign it before he became famous’ – a quote from the book. He commented that I had obviously read the book and I said it was (and still is) my most referred and recommended book on networking. I have even given several people copies as gifts.  I then told him that I would like the opportunity to follow up with him to discuss how to make his book the #1 business book in Canada. “Absolutely” he said and handed me his card.

As I walked away,  someone behind him had taken my lead and asked for their book to be signed.  I heard Keith ask the person….Read More »7 Best Practices For Being a Conference Guerrilla

Why CES Doesn’t Matter

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On my flight back to Toronto from Las Vegas I was talking with someone who attended the Consumer Electronics Show – the largest trade show that takes up all of the Las Vegas Convention Center and several local hotels. We talked about what was there and what was new. He said it took he and a colleague three days to 'walk the show' and even then they did not make… Read More »Why CES Doesn’t Matter

Would you like chips with that?

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 So my first ever visit to Las Vegas has come to an end, three positive and negative reflections; Positives There is certainly not a shortage of visual stimulation, bright lights, shows, even the old game of people watching – many at no cost! Its interesting and often fun. The city and those working in the tourist industry know how to 'sell' Vegas, the customer service was good and people friendly… Read More »Would you like chips with that?

The Ultimate City of Promotion

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 In my presentation yesterday at the Promotional Product Professionals International Conference, one of the challenges that promotional product professionals face, especially with access to global supply, is that many are able to source the same products at similar prices. So when competing in the market how do they differentiate? The usual answers for many facing similar challenges are: Drop the price my reducing margins or offer discount plans Quicker turnaround by holding… Read More »The Ultimate City of Promotion

Goals are your guiding light

  One of my key goals this year is to do more speaking across North America and beyond as I believe that 2011 is a year many people will be ready to take control of their careers and lives more than ever before, personal branding can help them do that. So this week I am in Las Vegas and getting an opportunity to speak at one of the huge conferences… Read More »Goals are your guiding light