Are You Ready for the NO Technology Challenge?


In one of his keynotes, social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk asks the audience about their watch wearing habits.

Of course as you would probably expect most people in the audience, the millennials, under 30 are not wearing a watch, their watch is their smartphone, and camera, and recording device, and computer, and,,,,, and,,,, and,,,,, and………..

He then asks if the technology were available now to implant your smartphone in to your arm who would have it done. About 10% of the audience say they would. And next year he says, it will be 25%.

One fact, in this very fast moving social media facts video from Erik Qualman, is that 53% of millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology.


So you might be surprised to hear that the two words my teenagers WILL NEVER utter this week, even though they do not have their technology or any wifi access are

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