How to Unclog Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

Last week I told you that what you see in your newsfeed is determined by the level of interest, interaction, and engagement you show to others in your network and visa-versa. That is why your notifications have been reduced and you are not getting the level of network updates that you did previously.

And I shared a quick hack to enable you to customize your news feed a little more. If you missed it you can read that post by clicking here. 

Many users of LinkedIn would also like to turn off some notifications of certain types of news, Birthdays and work Anniversaries for example.

Well, now more good news. 

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]How to turn off more of those annoying notifications on your LinkedIn feed.[/tweet_box]

Courtesy of the LinkedIn Whisperer, Andy Foote, you can now switch off these types of notifications.

Read Andy’s LinkedIn post with instructions by clicking here.

NOTE: Andy mentions a new symbol, three grey lines with ‘bubbles’ like a graphic equalizer. This is not showing up in my feed yet, it is still three grey buttons like below.

Either way though clicking the action turns off the notifications.

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